Best Things to do for Gasparilla Weekend

Best Things to do for Gasparilla Weekend

Trust us, we’re the type that loves to make plans last minute. But if you know anything about Gasparilla, you know that if you want to have a good time, you need to have some sort of a plan. Otherwise a fun day can turn sour quick. We’re here to help you have the best Gaspy experience possible. We’re not guaranteeing there won’t be a hangover and possibly puking involved, but we are guaranteeing an awesome time!

Bud Light Seltzer Pre Gasparilla Crawl & Party

Alright before we get into all that’s going on on the day of Gasparilla let’s talk about what’s going on the night before Gasparilla! If you’ve got friends or family coming into town and you’re looking for something to do on Friday then look no further. This crawl is going to be the best thing happening on Friday night. The event starts at Franklin Manor at 6 before heading to Gen X, AmSo, and ending at Park and Rec Tamp. Once the party busses drop everyone off at Park and Rec, the crawlers will be treated to an exclusive Bud Light Seltzer after party! So tell your friends and fam that you’ve got them covered for Friday night. Grab your tickets to the crawl and get ready for one wild time!

3rd Annual Gasparilla Barrr Crawl with Brunch, Block Party & Party Bus

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This Brunch Crawl is hands down the best way to pre game for the Gasparilla parade! We know what you’re thinking though “I’m going to have some drinks before I go to the parade. It’s cheaper and I’ll get just as lit.” Well we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing better than throwing back unlimited mimosas and brunch before the parade! Do yourself a favor and skip all those other brunches or pregame spots, and do Gasparilla 2020 right by starting off with this bar crawl!

2nd Annual Gasparilla Bullie Booty Brunch

We will always use any excuse we can to go to WTR. The Sunday after Gasparilla though, we’ve got a pretty good one. Sunday Jan. 19th the bullies will take over WTR to raise money for the Florida English Bulldog Rescue. Come out and nurse that hangover with some brunch and drinks, and enjoy a good ole fashioned WTR pool party! Go to for tickets and info!

These are going to be the big three events of Gasparilla weekend that you won’t want to miss! More events will probably start being announced in the coming days, so we’ll let you know in another article if there are any big events that we missed.

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